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Industry4.0 : Photonics in manufacturing and production

B-PHOT is a core lab of FlandersMake. The main mission of FlandersMake is to support Flemish companies in their digitalisation in the framework of Industry 4.0. As a core lab B-PHOT has been involved in several projects on the following topics :

  • ADAVI: Anomaly detection by active visual inspection (ICON)
  • BEAMSHAPE : Optical beam shaping for high-productivity/high-quality laser-aided manufacturing (ICON)
  • MONICON : Monitoring and control of laser melting processes (ICON)
  • AMPRODCHAIN : Integrated production chain for additive manufacturing of structural applications in polymer materials (ICON)
  • INTLAS : Integrated laser hardening for prototypes and small series complex components (ICON)
  • FiberMech: Fiber optics & predictable physical models towards load analysis in mechatronic systems (SBO)
  • SAFOS: Smartify assets using fiber-optic sensors (SBO)

In addition B-PHOT is involved in the following infrastructure projects:

  • OPTICS & SENSING : Pilot line for freeform glass optics and photonics sensors
    More info : Optics & Sensing
  • I3oT : Infrastructure for Industrial Internet of Things

Other research projects in the application area of Industry4.0

  • Computational Modelling of Thermo-Elastohydrodynamic Lubricated Contacts - CONTACTLUB (FWO project)
  • Effective Structural Health Monitoring with Additive Manufacturing -eSHIM (FWO project)
  • Model-based design platform for optical yarn detectors for weaving machines MOOI - VLAIO project with Picanol
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises - Mes4SME (VLAIO project)

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