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Information & Communication : Photonics for a secure and resilient IT infrastructure

Optical fibers are key in fast and high-bandwidth communication networks. One of the critical components is the fiber connector. Several B-PHOT research projects are tackling the challenge of developing robust and highly reliable connectors.

For the safety aspects of data communication systems encryption of the data is crucial. In this regards, B-PHOT has a track record in research projects on the role of light sources and optical chaos in encryption.

Furthermore, B-PHOT also built up expertise in the research domains of optical computing and broadband light generation for datacom applications.

Some examples of B-PHOT's research projects in the domain of ICT are shown below:

  • Versatile Easy installable Connector incorporating new Technologies for accelerated fibre Optic network Roll-outs in Europe - VECTOR project (EU project)
  • Hexagonal micro-laser with integrated microsphere cavity : new monolithic structure for high-bandwidth, high-quality optical chaos ( FWO project)
  • All-optical sub-THz signal filtering with multi-COLOR lasers ( FWO project)
  • ReFlex – REconfigurable node for FLEXible secure networks ( FWO project)
  • Project with Commscope Connectivity_ Fantaom ( VLAIO project)
  • Project with Xeikon _Flipper ( VLAIO project)
  • Project with Tyco Electronics_EP2CON( VLAIO project)
  • Photonics Computing ( OZR -GOA project )
  • Next-generation on-chip supercontinuum light sources based on graphene-enabled extreme nonlinear optics - NEXCENTRIC project (EU ERC project)

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