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Smart Cities and Safe Infrastructures : Photonics for smart homes and liveable cities

Photonics sensors are widely deployable to create smart homes and smart cities. Two research tracks of B-PHOT, namely the optical fiber sensor and spectroscopy tracks, already resulted in important contributions towards smart living. Some of those projects are shown below:

Optical Fiber Sensors for Smart Cities

  • FINESSE is a collaborative research and training network, gathering together 26 European universities, research centers and industrial partners with complementary expertise with the ultimate vision of a widespread implementation of distributed optical fibre sensor systems for a safer society. FIbre NErvous Sensing SystEms (EU project)
  • Fiber sensing Interrogation based on nONlinear dynamics of LAser diodes - Fiona (FWO project)
  • Towards an integrated groundbreaking photonic crystal fiber sensor for reliable measurements of 3-D stretch fields and shear stresses in materials and structures (FWO project)
  • Robust vibration-based damage identification with a novel high-accuracy strain measurement system (FWO project)
  • SSC - SelfSensingComposites (SSComposites) (FWO project)
  • Effective Structural Health Monitoring with Additive Manufacturing (eSHIM) (FWO project)

Optical Spectroscopy for Smart Cities

  • Narnia is a multidisciplinary project contributing to the history and archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean basin, a region of great historical, cultural and geopolitical significance- Narnia ( EU project)
  • The valorization of a portable optical measurement system for the non-destructive, in situ characterization of cultural heritage materals ( IOF project)
  • In the project COLORES, an optical approach is pursued to induce a color change based on the interaction of molecules or electromagnetic radiation with receptors on optically active structured microparticles. These microparticles allow for a straightforward deposition on a wide range of matrices like cloths, bandages, or coatings.BRIDGE 2019 : COLORES : Color Responsive Platform Technology ( innoviris project)
  • The FENESTRA project focuses on the flat-glass collection conserved at the Royal Museums of Art and History, one of the most comprehensive collections of flat glass in the Low Countries. FENESTRA ( BELSPO project)

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