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Life at B-PHOT

B-PHOT Student Chapter kicks off with new logo


The B-PHOT Student Chapter marks the start of an ambitious joint project between SPIE and OSA VUB Student Chapters with a brand new logo. The chapter, affiliated with B-PHOT Brussels Photonics, chose a logo that has the pentagon shape representing the connection between B-PHOT and the B-PHOT Student Chapter.

"The main colors are blue, orange, and white, to make the link with Vrije Universiteit Brussel", says the B-PHOT Student Chapter. "In the middle part of the logo is the circle, including a group of students, representing the core of the student society. Different colors represent diversity, inclusion, and equality between the students. The circle is connected with the angles of the pentagon through the rays, which can be seen as a diaphragm, where the students are in the spotlight. OSA and SPIE in the logo give a clear link to the optical societies to have more visibility and be recognizable as a student chapter."

The logo is designed in April 2021 by the members of the B-PHOT Student Chapter Astghik Chalyan, Luca Schifano, Mehdi 'Arash' Feizpour, and B-PHOT's Marketing & Communications Officer Timo Van Gucht.

Curious about our B-PHOT Student Chapter?

The VUB SPIE Student Chapter was founded in 2006-2007 as the first student chapter in Western Europe. The VUB OSA Student Chapter was founded in 2020-2021. By forming the B-PHOT Student Chapter, we continue to promote optics and photonics with a joint force.