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VUB B-Phot Prof. H. Thienpont editor-in-chief of new interdisciplinary JPhys Photonics (IOP)


IOP Publishing has launched three high-impact open access journals.The scope of these journals will focus on research covering three aspects of the physical world that will shape the future of our planet: energy, materials and light.

VUB professors F. Berghmans and T. Geernaert guest editors for MDPI sensors special issue


Optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors have been the subject of extensive and relentless research efforts over the past 40 years. This technology is now applied in diverse fields such as in bio and medical, and in structural health monitoring of civil and aeronautic engineering structures, FBG sensing based research and innovation is one of B-PHOT's cornerstone activities.

Yunfeng Nie defended her PhD on advanced freeform optical design methodes


After a most inspiring PhD research and defense of her PhD thesis ‘Advances in freeform optical design methods for imaging applications’, Yunfeng has graduated as Doctor in Engineering. Including freeform components in optical systems provides numerous potentials for enhanced performance as well as compact and lightweight packaging with opportunities for mass production at low cost.

Sint Jozef Aarschot visits VUB to apply photonics within Quantum SpinOff project


STEM project Quantum SpinOff introduces modern physics to 6th years students in Science Mathematics. Today students from Sint Jozef Aarschot visited VUB B-PHOT research group to learn how photonics can be applied in innovative projects.

VCSELs smaller than 0.04 mm2 for ultra-fast and encrypted networks


During the continuous quest for maximizing the protection of data, substantial research has been performed in the domain of lasers and optical chaos. Recently B-PHOT researchers demonstrated that using mechanical strain, polarization chaos could be triggered in commercial VCSELs. Their article with results on “Strain induced polarization chaos in a solitary VCSEL” was published in Scientific Reports.

Unique approach measuring nuclear fuel exploits FBGS International's Draw Tower Technology


Support of innovative research activities are key in view of ensuring the safety of future particle accelerator driven nuclear systems.

VUB Science Show welcomes 1,500 students for a journey to photonics


A team of enthusiastic PhD researchers takes the students for an interactive journey into the world of light technology. In half a day, multiple demonstrations bring them from the origin of light and photons to lasers, from the manipulation of light to optical fibers for data communication or for medical imaging applications such as endoscopy.

Dr. Martin Virte from VUB B-Phot receives distinguished research grant from FWO


The Research Foundation in Flanders (FWO Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) has awarded Dr. Martin Virte’s research grant “ReFlex – Reconfigurable node for flexible secure networks”.