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Optics and Photonics Design

research technical-infrastructure optics-photonics-design

Optical modelling and design platform

The optical modelling and design platform hosts a team of researchers with wide-ranging expertise and know-how in the modelling and design of photonic systems, where passive optical components (such as lenses, filters and beam splitters), optical sources (such as LEDs, lasers, and incandescent light sources), and detectors are combined. The members of this team make use of a powerful computer cluster and a variety of professional software tools (such as sequential and non-sequential ray-tracing software, Beam Propagation Methods, Finite Difference Time Domain algorithms, rigorous electromagnetic beam propagation methods and tolerancing tools) to model and design micro-optical components, modules and systems.

Furthermore, B-PHOT has developed an in-house very advanced design modelling tool for free form optics design.

research technical-infrastructure optics-photonics-design