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B-PHOT's tenders for new equipment


Laboratory equipmentand machine tools / laboratoriumapparatuur en werktuigmachines
VUB -B-PHOT kondigt verschillende open procedures aan voor de aanschaf vanlaboratoriumapparatuur en werktuigmachines.

Interreg: Photonics pilotlines


In this project, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and TU Eindhoven (TU/e) are joining forces by expanding and synergistically combining their unique expertise and research infrastructure for freeform optics (VUB) and photonic integrated chips (TU/e), with the aim of setting up a state-of-the-art one-stop-shop photonics technology platform for innovating companies from Flanders, The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The project started on 01/04/2019 and 50% of the total project budget of 4.4M€ was financed by Interreg.

B-PHOT Job Day


30 maart 2019: 13u30-16u

Het Photonics Innovation Center van VUB B-PHOT, Brussels Photonics in Gooik breidt zijn pilootlijn voor de productie van optische componenten uit!
Daarom heeft B-PHOT tal van interessante job & stage aanbiedingen voor industrieel ingenieurs (elektromechanica en elektronica-ICT).

Let's get back in time and look ahead


The end of a year is an excellent moment to reflect on the past and prepare the future. Looking for inspiration on photonics ? On its "Photon Terrace" educational website​, Hamamatsu​ shine​s​ some light on Prof. Thienpont’s energetic activities in photonics travelling back 35 years in time.

Celebrating 90 years of FWO research at Kennismakers


Join us in the celebration of 90 years FWO at Kennismakers event on 14 December!

VUB B-PHOT installs femtosecond laser writing system for Intererg NWE photonics pilot line


The Open-Innovation Photonics pilot for North West Europe (OIP4NWE) aims to drastically reduce high R&D costs and time for SMEs in the field of photonics. A significant decrease of the defect rate in pilot production and a shorter throughput time can help establish a thousand integrated firms within a decade.

The analogy between photons and pears


In 2013 the rumor circulated that Hugo Thienpont would be named for a Nobel Prize. He laughs that away: "It's interesting not me. By the way, engineers do not get Nobel Prizes." Today, Hugo takes up different roles as Vice Rector Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, as the head of the department Applied Physics and Photonics (TONA) and he also leads B-PHOT, the research group at VUB with seventy researchers in the technology of light.

Come visit us at Day of Science festival today!


Dag van de Wetenschap or Day of Science is a full day of celebration and presentation how science improves our daily life. At Muntpunt Brussels, our outreach team B-Photonics and researchers show the ways how Lifi speeds up Wifi, what role photons play in 3D printing of organs, how light technology improves the instant and painless diagnoses of cancer or diabetes or about Internet of Things.

L. Marigo-Lombart graduated as Doctor in a first coutelle of the VUB and the University of Toulouse


In the context of his cotutelle, in joint supervision of Université of Toulouse (France) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Ludovic has given the international jury a very clear presentation on the vertical integration of an electro-absorption modulator onto a VCSEL at 850nm for high-speed communications.

Photonics technologies for food safety at WOTS 2018


Food safety and quality has become increasingly important in our society. At the World of Technology and Science (WOTS) fair, researcher Lien Smeesters highlights the impact of photonics technologies to increase food safety while reducing food waste.

SuperNova 2018: Are you joining us?


At the first ever edition of SuperNova, the VUB will showcase exciting advances in some of the most hyped technologies of the moment that lead to the world's most groundbreaking innovations. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel strongly believes in the power of working across disciplines, connecting with the outside world, bridging different disciplines and breaking down the walls.

Paradigmshift in graphene research published in nature communications


B-PHOT researcher professor Nathalie Vermeulen and her team have discovered a very unexpected and far-reaching trait of graphene, a substance that is seen by many as a game-changing material of the future. Graphene is capable of changing the wavelength of light, and their research showed that instead of strong incoming light intensities as typically employed for this purpose, graphene has a better conversion efficiency for low incoming light intensities.