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Photography Contest winners: "Light in daily life"


The SPIE Student Chapter VUB organised a Photography Contest in the context of light in daily life, nature and culture. Have a look at the winning pictures!

Qing Liu defended PhD on Freeform-based optofluidic devices towards SERS


Qing Liu successfully defended his PhD on Freeform-based optofluidic devices towards Surface-Enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS).

First online public PhD defence at B-PHOT


Qing Liu will be the first at B-PHOT to have a fully online PhD defence. He will present his research digitally on Wednesday the 10th of June at 1:30 pm (CET).

EU project CARLA to promote careers in photonics to STEM students


The new EU-funded project CARLA aims to develop a pan-European training programme to promote photonics careers. VUB B-PHOT will create a career ‘camp of excellence’ to encourage STEM university students, PhD students and young postdocs to pursue their careers in photonics.

Pupils use photonics to tackle real-life problems at school


With the B-Photonics Challenger Cup, we challenged pupils of schools in Flanders and Brussels to find solutions for problems in their daily lives. Find out who won the 2020 edition!

The Ghost Effect and A Pinhole Camera: IDeaLight.competition Winners 2020!


The winners of the IDeaLight.competition 2020 have been announced!

B-Photonics Cup: vote for the audience award


Come and have a look during the online closing ceremony! Vote for the audience award or participate in next year's edition!

B-PHOT celebrates International Day of Light with new website


B-PHOT launches a new website on the International Day of Light. Check out our new online hub for all information on photonics research, innovation, education and STEM! Discover the power of light here!

VUB launches online info days


You can now make an online appointment with our European Master of Science in Photonics Programme Director Heidi Ottevaere!

Celebrate light with the IDeaLight competiton


SPIE VUB Student Chapter will celebrate virtually the International Day of Light on 16th May in Belgium with an event “IDeaLight. competition 2020”. Everyone is welcome to participate in the competition with recorded homemade experiments.

B-PHOT research published on cover of Sensors


The article 'A Tunable Freeform-Segmented Reflector in a Microfluidic System for Conventional and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy' from B-PHOT researchers Qing Liu, Hugo Thienpont, Heidi Ottevaere and Michael Stenbæk Schmidt, was published in the journal "Sensors" and rewarded with front-cover visibility.

Hamamatsu Applied Photonics Innovation Chair


With this chair Hamamatsu Photonics wants to intensify its contacts with B-PHOT researchers and stay in touch with B-PHOT's latest research breakthroughs and their potential applications.