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Prof. David Hayrapetyan (RAU) gives guest lecture on Investigation of Semiconductor Nanostructures


Prof. Hayrapetyan from the Russian-Armenian University came by at B-PHOT as a part of the Erasmus+ exchange program.

Researcher Simone Sorgato publishes in Optica


B-PHOT researcher Simone Sorgato’s paper got published in The Optical Society's journal Optica.

VUB-ULB Engineering Graduation Ceremony 2019: pictures


Pictures from the VUB Graduation Ceremony 2019 by David Plas.

Vantablack Friday!


Fashion tip for Black Friday! Or should we say Vantablack Friday?

Ludovic Marigo-Lombart receives the RENATECH 4th thesis prize


The former B-PHOT PhD student received the award for his work, which demonstrated a new VCSEL microlaser with record performance for ultra-fast data communication.

'Humanistisch Verbond Pajottenland' visits our VUB Photonics Innovation Center


HVV publishes article on the VUB Photonics Campus and graphene.

B-PHOT wins Bronze Prize at the Edmund Optics Educational Award 2019


The project of researchers Alejandro Madrid Sanchez, Heidi Ottevaere, Yunfeng Nie & Fabian Duerr did very well!

B-PHOT's tenders for new equipment


Laboratory equipmentand machine tools / laboratoriumapparatuur en werktuigmachines
VUB -B-PHOT kondigt verschillende open procedures aan voor de aanschaf vanlaboratoriumapparatuur en werktuigmachines.

Interreg: Photonics pilotlines


In this project, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and TU Eindhoven (TU/e) are joining forces by expanding and synergistically combining their unique expertise and research infrastructure for freeform optics (VUB) and photonic integrated chips (TU/e), with the aim of setting up a state-of-the-art one-stop-shop photonics technology platform for innovating companies from Flanders, The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The project started on 01/04/2019 and 50% of the total project budget of 4.4M€ was financed by Interreg.

B-PHOT Job Day


30 maart 2019: 13u30-16u

Het Photonics Innovation Center van VUB B-PHOT, Brussels Photonics in Gooik breidt zijn pilootlijn voor de productie van optische componenten uit!
Daarom heeft B-PHOT tal van interessante job & stage aanbiedingen voor industrieel ingenieurs (elektromechanica en elektronica-ICT).

Let's get back in time and look ahead


The end of a year is an excellent moment to reflect on the past and prepare the future. Looking for inspiration on photonics ? On its "Photon Terrace" educational website​, Hamamatsu​ shine​s​ some light on Prof. Thienpont’s energetic activities in photonics travelling back 35 years in time.

Celebrating 90 years of FWO research at Kennismakers


Join us in the celebration of 90 years FWO at Kennismakers event on 14 December!