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PhotonHub Europe secures €19 million to boost SME growth and ensure Europe’s global competitiveness


PhotonHub Europe – a new pan-European photonics digital innovation hub – has been awarded €19 million investment from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Series on co-innovation: European innovation hub ACTPHAST lets companies see the light


In a VUB series on co-innovation at Kanaal Z, B-PHOT explains how photonics and the interaction between businesses and researchers can create groundbreaking innovations.

Series on co-innovation: Light as a technology? Photonics boosts businesses and society


In a VUB series on co-innovation at Kanaal Z, B-PHOT explains how photonics and the interaction between businesses and researchers can create groundbreaking innovations.

Two B-PHOT publications in Journal of Lightwave Technology 'Top 50'


The 50 most accessed papers of the IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology features two recent contributions of B-PHOT Brussels Photonics.

B-PHOT publication in Optics Letters highlighted as Editor’s Pick


Recent research breakthrough of B-PHOT members David Castello-Lurbe, Jürgen Van Erps and Nathalie Vermeulen in collaboration with researchers from the University of Valencia has been highlighted as Editor’s Pick in Optics Letters.

ERC Starting Grant for VUB Brussels Photonics researcher Martin Virte


B-PHOT and Vrije Universiteit Brussel researcher Martin Virte has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his project COLOR’UP. Virte will investigate how multi-color lasers could be exploited to process optical signals at ultra-high frequencies.

Breakthrough on graphene modeling published as Frontispiece article in Laser & Photonics Reviews


Groundbreaking graphene research of B-PHOT members David Castello-Lurbe, Hugo Thienpont and Nathalie Vermeulen has been published as a Frontispiece article with a dedicated ‘artist’s impression’ illustration in the high-impact journal of Laser&Photonics

New paper in Structural Health Monitoring journal from PhD work of Urszula Nawrot


VUB professors Francis Berghmans and Thomas Geernaert and PhD student Urszula Nawrot teamed up with the Civil Engineering department of KULeuven to develop a new monitoring technique based on vibrational strain mode shapes. The newly published results can contribute to monitoring the safety of concrete bridges.

VLAIO Baekeland mandate for Ben Cloostermans in VUB-ERIKS collaboration


B-PHOT receives one of the newly granted Baekeland mandates. In a collaboration with ERIKS, VUB professor Thomas Geernaert will work with Ben Cloostermans to develop smart gaskets for Industry 4.0.

Hugo Thienpont on Flanders' photonics ecosystem and the role it plays in Europe’s ambitions


Astrid De Keyser, deputy director of Inward Investment Japan & South-East Asia at Flanders Investment & Trade, interviewed professor Hugo Thienpont about the role Flanders plays in the development of photonics as a key enabling technology. Discover the main insights.

Photonics Explorer: sponsorship campaign emerges in Finland


To answer the demand for talented human resources and to inspire young students for studying STEM-related fields and especially photonics, the Finnish Photonics Flagship PREIN and Photonics Finland have started a Photonics Explorer Kit – sponsorship campaign.

Robert Pawlus successfully defended his PhD on integrated dual-wavelength lasers


In the frame of a joint PhD between B-PHOT VUB and TU Darmstadt, Robert Pawlus has publicly defended his PhD research work in front of an international jury.